Intersections: Digital Materiality & Creative Practices

Friday, March 10, 2023 / 6:45p - 7:45p/ TVLab

Iván Abreu, Roberto Cabezas, Malitzin Cortés, Graciela Kasep

CENTRO is an educational institution for creativity based in Mexico City. Through its programs it advances the aesthetics of the metaverse through new educational experiences in XRtechnologies. These technologies offer exciting opportunities for collaboration, allowing the exploration of digital materiality and its potential for transcoding media in creative works; by embracing XR, creative professionals can push the limits of what is possible and discover new ways to express their ideas to expand and growth co-creation in different creative fields. Snap to Grid is an installation which explores the border between physical and virtual spaces. An immersive, audiovisual experience that allows visitors to discover synergies between musical temporality, speculative architecture in virtual reality and immersive technologies. The narrative of the work and production process developed for Snap to Grid, highlights the possibilities of a transdisciplinary approach and specialized technological knowledge as part of contemporary creative practices. The installation was designed by the artists Malitzin Cortés (CNDSD) and Iván Abreu, who worked in collaboration with students and teachers from the following undergraduate programs: Digital Media and Technology, Textile Design and Fashion, Interior Architecture, and Marketing and Advertising.