Extended Reality:
Extended Education

Friday, March 10, 2023 / 4:00p - 5:00p/ Commons
Martin W. Andrews, Dr. Antonino Di Raimo

On Thursday 04 May 2022, the University of Portsmouth (in the United Kingdom) opened the Centre for Creative & Immersive Extended Reality (known locally as CCiXR). CCiXR, using investment worth over £7 million (approximately$8.5 Million) provides our students, academic colleagues and industry partners with opportunities to engage with cutting edge technology including: • Virtual Production and Mixed Reality Studio with a SmartStage® • Studios relating to Extended Reality (XR), Motion Capture(Mo-Cap), Music Technology & Sound, Photogrammetry Scanning and Volumetric Video.CCiXR is the UK’s first integrated facility that brings together a full suite of the latest XR technologies under one roof, but, what does all of this mean for architecture students studying at the Portsmouth School of Architecture...? This short presentation, by architect educators and researchers Dr Antonino Di Raimo and Martin W. Andrews, will share projects and digital artifacts produced in CCiXR and discuss how the new technologies contained within the Centre will be used to transform the learning experience of architecture students at the University of Portsmouth.