Augmented Tectonics

Friday, 8:30 - 11:30am
Jonathan Rule

Augmented Tectonics introduces students to methods of analysis in the built environment using extended realities (XR). Leveraging VR and AR development tools, this course will engage and evaluate the design of healthcare spaces. Students will develop research as the spatial liaisons bringing a specific and critical body of knowledge based on design thinking for the envisioning and shaping of three spaces: wellness/break area for the staff, hospital patient care room and an outpatient exam room. Funded by the Arts+ the Curriculum program, the course will be completed in tandem with a course from the School of Nursing which will focus on quality improvement theories and practices, predictive analytics and quality improvement data that inform care delivery in healthcare systems.  The objective is to allow architecture students and nursing students to share knowledge and experience specific to their respective disciplines as a way to question known methods and foster non-traditional outcomes for working in and designing co-creatively. The results of the work will be further tested through simulation studies at the University of Michigan Clinical Simulation Center (CSC).

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